Emergency Pathophysiology

Interactive Medical Acupuncture Anatomy

Samuel M. Galvagno

Text offers a concise understanding of the known principles behind the science and practice of prehospital care, only briefly covered in modern paramedic and related emergency medicine courses. Chapters include: general principles, respiratory and cardiovascular pathophysiology, and shock. Softcover. DNLM: Emergency Medical Services.

Narda G. Robinson

• Allows the acupuncture practitioner to produce safe and reliable results for the patient.
• Provides clear and realistic images of the structures that lie beneath the skin at the location of the acupuncture points.
• Supplies an excellent client education tool for those patients that require accurate explanation of the acupuncture procedure being performed.
This presentation uses anatomically precise, computer-generated reconstructed images of the human body for three-dimensional presentation of acupuncture points and channels. The CD component is fully interactive and allows the user to see through tissue layers, remove tissue layers, and rotate structures so that specific acupuncture points can be visualized in relation to their surrounding nerves, organs, and vessels.