Teton NewMedia is a niche publisher that acquires and produces affordable information for both veterinary and human medicine. In conjunction with a distinguished author-base, we focus on providing quality information in multiple formats that assists practitioners in providing better healthcare. Teton NewMedia is committed to providing alternative, interactive content including print, CD-ROM, PDA, web-based applications and eBooks.

John F. Spahr, Principle Owner, has 27 years of experience in Health Science Publishing. With a well-rounded background in all facets of the business, he has specialized in editorial, and sales and marketing, with a strong emphasis in International markets. John started his career at Lea & Febiger in 1977. He became a Partner in 1985 and served as President & CEO from 1988 to 1993.
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Carroll C. Cann, President/Editor in Chief, has over 30 years of editorial and marketing experience in all areas of the health sciences. During that time he has worked for W.B. Saunders Company, Lea & Febiger and Williams & Wilkins.
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Mike Albiniak, Production Manager
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